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Fishing Shuttles

andrew slatonGOTCO
Fishing Shuttles



GOTCO is delighted to provide convenient vehicle shuttle service to floaters and fisherman on 250 miles of the Headwaters of the Green River area. Popular areas include the Upper Green River above Warren Bridge, Daniel Fish Hatchery, Fontanelle/Seedskadee, and 50 miles of the New Fork River. We provide river shuttle service 7 days a week from approximately May into October each year.

Seedskadee/Fontanelle Shuttles please call at least 1 day in advance for availability.

Routes & Rates

To schedule a shuttle please call or text us at 307-360-3660 the following information the day before or day of:

  1. Name

  2. Route (Daniel Bridge to Huston)

  3. Vehicle Make/Model/Color/License Plate #

  4. Key & Money Location

  5. Put on time

Fishing Rates 2019

Haven’t floated here before?

A quick note about private property:

A majority of the sections of the Green & New Fork are completely or partially within private property with few to no publicly owned areas. Most of the floats take at least 4 hours and up to 14 hours to complete depending on water level. Please plan accordingly and know the publicly owned spots before anchoring or exiting your craft, as this is considered trespassing and against the law.

Upper Green River Float Map (hard copies no longer available)

Currently there are not any great hardcopy maps of the river available here.

Looking for boat ramp locations on  the Headwaters of the Green River and New Fork Rivers? See the map below for boat ramp locations.

Check out the County Mapserver for ownership boundaries.

How high is the river???

Check USGS River Flow Data:

Warren Bridge (Green)

Fontanelle/Seedskadee (Green)

Labarge at Delaney Canyon (Green)

New Fork by Big Piney (New Fork)