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Hiking/ Backpacker Shuttles

andrew slatonGOTCO
Hiking/ Backpacker Shuttles



Whether you plan to hike Titcomb Basin or Cirque of the Towers for a long weekend, the Wind River High Route all week, or thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail, GOTCO has several convenient hiking shuttle options to allow you to see more and drive less.  You decide!

  1. Vehicle shuttle: You park your vehicle at the entrance trail head, sometime during the trip we will pick up your vehicle and drive it to the exit trailhead. Best time saving option!

  2. People shuttle: You park your vehicle at the exit trailhead, we pick you and your party up at the designated time and transport you to the entrance trailhead, where you may begin your trip. Best option if you want to visit with a driver or other people or don’t want someone else driving your vehicle!

  3. Point to Point: We can pick you up at any designated location (airport, hotel, trailhead, other) and shuttle you to another location (airport, hotel, trailhead, other). Best option if you don’t have a vehicle!


Popular Routes

Green River Lakes to Big Sandy (or visa versa) (Wind River High Route)

$305 (1-3 people shuttle) $400 (vehicle shuttle)

Elkhart Park to Green River Lakes or Big Sandy (or visa versa)

$175 (1-3 people shuttle) $250 (vehicle shuttle)

Pinedale to Green River Lakes (or visa versa)

$140 (1-3 people shuttle) $200 (vehicle shuttle)

Pinedale to Big Sandy (or visa versa) (Cirque of the Towers)

$170 (1-3 people shuttle) $245 (vehicle shuttle)

Pinedale to Elkhart Park (or visa versa) (Titcomb Basin and CDT)

$50 (1-3 people shuttle) $75 (vehicle shuttle)

For other routes please call 307-360-3660

If you are a small party of 1-2 people with a flexible schedule, let us know there may be an opportunity to combine with a larger party and split the price.

See the map below for Wind River Range Trailheads, Lodges, and Services